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Living with Tinnitus.

At Tackling Tinnitus, our team is composed of four dedicated individuals driven by personal experience and passion for helping others who suffer from tinnitus.

Susan, a former musician, found herself struggling with tinnitus after years of exposure to loud music. She sought to understand the condition and help others who shared her pain.

Mike, a veteran who served in the military, developed tinnitus after being exposed to loud explosions during his service. He sought to create a support system and resources for fellow veterans and others affected by tinnitus.

Josh, a passionate researcher, experienced tinnitus due to chronic stress and sleep deprivation. Intrigued by its complexities, he dedicated himself to investigating various treatments to enable and improve the quality of life for tinnitus sufferers.

Anne, a healthcare professional, encountered numerous patients struggling with tinnitus and realized the need for more comprehensive resources and support.




We understand the challenges of living with tinnitus from personal experience. Our program is built on compassion and empathy, ensuring that we provide a supportive community for individuals experiencing tinnitus.


Evidence Based Treatments

Our dedication to providing reliable and accurate information drives us to incorporate the latest research and evidence-based techniques into the Tackling Tinnitus Habituation Program. This commitment ensures that our participants receive effective, science-backed solutions for managing their tinnitus.



We strive to equip individuals with the necessary tools and knowledge to regain control over their lives. Our program focuses on fostering self-management strategies and confidence, enabling participants to build resilience and adapt to the challenges posed by tinnitus.



We believe that everyone affected by tinnitus deserves access to comprehensive support and resources. Our program aims to be accessible and welcoming to individuals of diverse backgrounds and experiences, encouraging a sense of connectedness and shared understanding within the Tackling Tinnitus community.


What Our Clients Say

"Before I found the Tackling Tinnitus Habituation Program, I felt hopeless trying to deal with the constant ringing in my ears. After joining the program, I've learned so many valuable coping strategies that have helped me habituate to my tinnitus. Now, I've regained my focus, and I can enjoy my life once again. Thank you, Tackling Tinnitus, for giving me the tools I needed to take back control over my life."
James Willerson
"I am beyond grateful for the Tackling Tinnitus Habituation Program. Before I joined, my tinnitus had negatively impacted my sleep, my work, and my overall wellbeing. This program provided the resources and support that I needed to start understanding and habituating to my tinnitus. Not only has my quality of life improved, but I've also gained a support system with fellow tinnitus sufferers who understand what I'm going through. Thank you, Tackling Tinnitus, for making such a difference in my life!"
Sarah Myers
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