Tinnitus Habituation Stage-By-Stage

Tinnitus Habituation

Tinnitus habituation is a step-by-step process. One needs patience and persistence to go through the three stages. 

On average, habituation takes about a year and it works 80% of the time. But, this time frame is only an average and habituation can therefore take shorter or much longer than 12 months. But, the process is typically the same, as described below.


In this stage, the patient is always aware of their Tinnitus. They also constantly worry and are anxious about having Tinnitus. Other problems include the inability to concentrate on tasks and also the inability to distract themselves away from Tinnitus. 

Many people in this stage also suffer from sleep problems or insomnia.


In this stage, the patient will be aware of their Tinnitus only at certain times. This usually occurs when they are fatigued, stresses or when places that are really quiet. 

In this stage, they are also in an emotionally better place with Tinnitus, seeing it more as an annoyance rather than a debilitating or depressing life sentence. Sleep is also often improved in this stage, although not optimal.


In this last and final stage, the patient very rarely gives attention to or is affected by Tinnitus. They are aware of it only when Tinnitus is unusually loud or spiking or when they consciously think about their Tinnitus. 

In this stage, Tinnitus no longer affects their day-to-day activities. At an emotional level, people are indifferent to Tinnitus at this stage. They don’t have any feelings about it whatsoever.

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