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Here, you can read firsthand experiences from individuals who have participated in the Tackling Tinnitus Habituation Program. By sharing their journeys and success stories, they provide valuable insights into how our program has impacted their lives and helped them better manage their tinnitus symptoms.  We hope that their inspiring stories encourage you to join our supportive community and take the first step towards habituating to your tinnitus.

The efforts made to dedicate time towards doing the program and trying the techniques was worth it to many of our clients:

“I cannot say how much I have valued this program and was so grateful to have had the opportunity to do it. My tinnitus has vastly improved- vastly! It is far less intrusive and the techniques are now part of my daily life. I have truly habituated to my tinnitus and I can’t thank you enough!”
“I feel privileged and extremely fortunate to have been chosen to take part in the tackling tinnitus program because not only has it helped me to reinterpretation and cope with tinnitus effectively it has also given me new positive coping strategies to deal with many aspects throughout my life.”
"People said I just need to get used to the tinnitus, but not how. I now know-how and this has made such a significant difference to me and the way I relate to and manage my tinnitus. I don’t feel alone and that there is something I can do about the tinnitus, not just having to accept it. Thank you!”
“Thanks so much to you and the team, it is so great to be doing something positive and taking control rather than just grinning and bearing my tinnitus which I had been doing until now. I now have tools so that tinnitus does not have such a big impact anymore.”
“ I am a much more relaxed person, it’s brilliant. It is a marvelous program, very well put together. It is very beneficial for chronic anxiety and depression as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and benefited immensely.”
“I have had an attitude change and view tinnitus from a different perspective. I am in control and am able to embrace it and not just cope with it. I am now able to deal with tinnitus in a positive way.”
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