Who Will Benefit from Habituation?

Who is Habituation for?

For anyone suffering from Tinnitus

Habituation is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have a solution to their Tinnitus problem. This essentially means that patients can try habituation if they have been tested for hearing loss. If hearing loss is diagnosed, hearing aids can be provided which can sometimes help Tinnitus resolve. 

But, if hearing loss tests were negative or if hearing aids did not help with Tinnitus, habituation is often the only feasible treatment plan for most Tinnitus patients.

You will benefit from Habituation if...

You are anxious about your Tinnitus

You are constantly worried, angry or anxious about your Tinnitus

You experience a loss of sleep

You are not able to sleep well or sleep at all, because of Tinnitus

You experience a loss of focus

You are not able to focus on day-to-day activities because of Tinnitus

It has an impact on your social life

Your social activities are being affected by your Tinnitus

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