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Welcome to Tackling Tinnitus. This is a website dedicated to Tinnitus sufferers looking to obtain Tinnitus relief.  Tackling Tinnitus advocates the use of Habituation to cope with Tinnitus. To learn more about our program click the button below.


What exactly is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is often an idiopathic condition. What that means is that the cause or origin of Tinnitus is often not known. It is estimated that almost 50 Million Americans suffer from Tinnitus at some stage in their life.

Though the vast majority of Tinnitus cases are temporary in nature, Tinnitus can also be chronic and very debilitating. Though Tinnitus is very prevalent, medical information about the condition is not very comprehensive. 

The only recourse for Tinnitus patients is to see an audiologist who will check for hearing loss.  If hearing loss is present, a Tinnitus patient may be prescribed hearing aids. Hearing aids can only prevent the Tinnitus from getting worse and will not reverse Tinnitus. While age-related hearing loss is one of the main causes for Tinnitus, they are definitely not the only cause.


What's causing Tinnitus?


There are also other causes such as Tinnitus caused by dehydration.

 Dehydration can cause havoc in the body’s blood pressure, ear muscle functioning, changing inner ear fluid composition and also by decreasing lubrication in the ear. All of this can present as ear problems like Tinnitus, vertigo and other conditions such as muffled hearing.

Ear Infections

Infections in the middle or inner ear can contribute to the development of tinnitus.

 Similarly, a blockage caused by a buildup of earwax, inflammation, or a foreign object lodged inside the ear canal can also lead to tinnitus by disrupting the normal functioning of the ear and causing ringing, buzzing, or hissing sounds.

Loud Noises

Loud noise, for example, is a common cause for Tinnitus. 

This is most often experienced when people experience a ringing, buzzing or hissing sound in their ears for a few hours or days after attending a concert or other loud environments. 


Certain medications are known to cause or exacerbate tinnitus as a side effect. 

Some examples include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), certain antibiotics, antimalarial medications, loop diuretics, chemotherapy drugs, and high doses of aspirin. 

But don't worry. Treatment is possible!

Suffering from Tinnitus and not being able to cope with the condition often leads to a vicious cycle of anxiety, depression and stress that often makes Tinnitus worse. Habituation is a powerful tool in such cases. 

Habituation will not reverse or eliminate Tinnitus but will help a Tinnitus patient cope and get used to the ringing in their ears, thereby preserving their quality of life. 

Please feel free to browse the site to learn more about Tinnitus Habituation.


We Understand The Pain.

We truly understand the impact that tinnitus can have on an individual’s life. The persistent ringing, buzzing, or hissing noises in the ears can disrupt daily routines, hinder concentration, and lead to feelings of frustration and isolation. 

This is why we have dedicated ourselves to providing comprehensive information, resources, and support for people suffering from tinnitus.

Our mission is to help identify the best treatment options to alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus, empowering you to regain control over your life. With our team of experts, our site combines evidence-based research with compassionate understanding, allowing us to present an extensive selection of treatment methods, coping strategies, and resources to facilitate a better quality of life for those affected by tinnitus.


What Our Clients Say

"Before I found the Tackling Tinnitus Habituation Program, I felt hopeless trying to deal with the constant ringing in my ears. After joining the program, I've learned so many valuable coping strategies that have helped me habituate to my tinnitus. Now, I've regained my focus, and I can enjoy my life once again. Thank you, Tackling Tinnitus, for giving me the tools I needed to take back control over my life."
James Willerson
“I cannot say how much I have valued this program and was so grateful to have had the opportunity to do it. My tinnitus has vastly improved- vastly! It is far less intrusive and the techniques are now part of my daily life. I have truly habituated to my tinnitus and I can’t thank you enough!”
Maria Olivers
“I feel privileged and extremely fortunate to have been chosen to take part in the tackling tinnitus program because not only has it helped me to reinterpretation and cope with tinnitus effectively it has also given me new positive coping strategies to deal with many aspects throughout my life.”
Tom Barrister
"I am beyond grateful for the Tackling Tinnitus Habituation Program. Before I joined, my tinnitus had negatively impacted my sleep, my work, and my overall wellbeing. This program provided the resources and support that I needed to start understanding and habituating to my tinnitus. Not only has my quality of life improved, but I've also gained a support system with fellow tinnitus sufferers who understand what I'm going through. Thank you, Tackling Tinnitus, for making such a difference in my life!"
Sarah Myers

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