Here you can find additional resources and links to the recent studies and papers on Tinnitus.

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Studies, Trials and Research Papers

  • Tinnitus: causes and clinical management Berthold Langguth 1, Peter M Kreuzer 2, Tobias Kleinjung 3, Dirk De Ridder 4,
  • Effect of Tinnitus Habituation Therapy on Auditory Abilities Najlla Lopes de O Burle 1, Luciana Macedo de Resende 2, Luciana Mendonça Alves 2, Vinícius Soares Garcia 1, Patricia Cotta Mancini 2,
  • Habituation following tinnitus retraining therapy in tinnitus sufferers Jiun Fong Thong 1, Junaidah Binte Ibrahim, Mee Ching Wong, Yew Meng Chan,
  • Treating chronic tinnitus: comparison of cognitive-behavioural and habituation-based treatments Claudia Zachriat 1, Birgit Kröner-Herwig –
  • Directed Attention and Habituation: Two Concepts Critical to Tinnitus Management James A. Henry
  • Toward An Exploration of Habituating to Tinnitus: PerspectivesonSensoryGating DOI:10.3766/jaaa.18038 MehrnazMohebbi* MohammadFarhadi* AhmadDaneshi* SaeidMahmoudian
  • The Tinnitus Retraining Therapy Trial (TRTT): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial Roberta W Scherer 1, Craig Formby, Susan Gold, Sue Erdman, Charles Rodhe, Michele Carlson, Dave Shade, Melanie Tucker, Lee McCaffrey Sensinger, Gordon Hughes, George S Conley, Naomi Downey, Cynthia Eades, Margaret Jylkka, Ada Haber-Perez, Courtney Harper, Shoshannah Kantor Russell, Benigno Sierra-Irizarry, Mark Sullivan; Tinnitus Retraining Therapy Trial Research Group ,
  • Beukes, E.W., Andersson, G., Fagelson, M.A., & Manchaiah, V. (2021). Dismantling internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy for tinnitus. The contribution of applied relaxation: A randomized controlled trial. Internet Interventions, 25, 100402.
  • Rodrigo, H.S., Beukes, E.W., Andersson, G., & Manchaiah, V. (2021). Exploratory data mining techniques (decision tree models) for examining the impact of internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy for tinnitus: Machine learning approach. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 23(11), e28999. 
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